What is Musicbeez?
We - music listeners - have never had a real chance to hear any song we like in the performance of our favorite artist who is not the original artist of the song. We have always had to listen to a song in the performance of the original artist of the song. But why we cannot mix and match artists and songs and get the versions of songs which in our opinion would sound better than original versions of those songs or at least equally unique? What if we are willing to pay to get the version of a song we envision?

Musicbeez is a crowdfunding platform giving listeners a real opportunity to get any song they like covered by any artist they love!

On the other hand, Musicbeez gives artists an effective way to engage their fans by covering the songs their fans want to hear in their performance.
How does Musicbeez work?
On Musicbeez like-minded listeners from all over the world come together and forward their favorite artist a unified request to cover any song they like. Listeners not only request but also pledge money to support their request.
Artists see all unified requests on their artist profile and see how many people joined a particular request (musicomb) and how much money has been raised for this request. Once the artist is happy with the amount of support attracted by a request, she accepts the request, gets raised funds, covers the song, upload it on her YouTube channel and shares the link on Musicbeez.
Why should artists cover songs requested on Musicbeez?
In order to maintain their fanbase in the current saturated and therefore highly competitive music industry engaging fans becomes the top priority for any artist who wants to pursue their artistic career full-time. However, nowadays engaging fans requires too much time and resources a very small number of artists may afford. This is especially hard for independent artists.
Covering songs requested by their fans artists demonstrate their appreciation of fans’ opinion and as the result of it, build really strong artist-fan relationships. This helps artists maintain their fans while they are busy producing new original songs. Artists who produce unique versions of requested songs easily stand out from the crowd and attract new listeners.