What is Musicbeez?
Musicbeez is a crowd-funding platform giving listeners a unique opportunity to get any song they like covered by their favourite artist.
How does Musicbeez work?
On Musicbeez a user (listener) requests an artist to cover a song. All other like-minded users (listeners) from all over the world who want the same artist to cover the same song join the request and pledge money (crowd-fund) to motivate the artist to cover the song.

The artist sees the unified request on their artist profile and sees how many people joined the request and how much money has been pledged for it. If the amount of support is enough to motivate the artist to cover the song, they accept the request, receive the funding, cover the song, upload it on YouTube and share the link on Musicbeez.
Why would listeners want an artist to cover a song of another artist?
Because we - listeners - believe our favourite artist would sing the song in a unique manner and possibly even better than the original artist of the song did. At the end of the day, who decides which artist should sing the song if not us - listeners?
Why would artists cover a song requested by their fans on Musicbeez?
Because this is a unique way for us - artists - to build strong artist-fan relationships. And if we are really good at covering songs, we have a chance to demonstrate our talent, stand out from the crowd and attract more fans.

If we cannot add a unique personal twist to any song we are requested to cover, maybe we are not that talented singer after all and might consider doing something else in life.
What is our ultimate goal?
We want to be able to hear any song we like in the performance of any artist we love. We have strong doubts about the original version of a song always being the best possible version of the song - there are plenty of covers proving the opposite.

In case the original version of a song seems perfect, we still believe the song may have more than one uniquely beautiful versions waiting there to be discovered. Mixing and matching artists and songs is the only way to reveal those hidden treasures.

With Musicbeez each song gets a chance to find its best singer who would realize the full potential of the song.